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Welcome to Our New Website!
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Shelf-Life and Long Term Fudge Storage
Our fudge can be left at room temperature (69-72 degrees) for up to four weeks. Do Not refrigerate your fudge as this will dry out your fudge. For longer storage, up to 6 months, our fudge can be frozen. To properly freeze fresh fudge, cut it into whatever size pieces you want to freeze and then wrap each piece with an airtight wrapping material, such as aluminum foil or Saran brand wrap. Most plastic wraps other than Saran are typically not airtight and will not protect your fudge against moisture or water vapor.

After fudge is wrapped up, place the pieces of fudge into a plastic freezer bag. Remove as much of the air as possible before you seal the bag, and then store it in the freezer. Only put as much fudge as you will want to defrost at any one time into each plastic freezer bag.

The most important part of freezing fudge is in the thawing out.
When you are ready to eat your fudge, remove it from the freezer, keeping it in the plastic bag. If the fudge is removed from the plastic bag before it reaches room temperature, moisture in the air will condense on the cold fudge, making the top sticky and soft. 

Let the fudge sit in it's wrapping and plastic bag at room temperature until it has completely thawed. This can take up to 24 hours... it will be worth the wait.

After the fudge is completely thawed, remove it's wrapping and enjoy!

Allergy Information - Please Exercise Care

It is important to know that our fudge is made using the same steam kettle and equipment that comes in contact with peanuts, tree nuts, milk, soy, eggs, wheat, coconut, and artificial food coloring. Because we also use cookies in some of our fudge flavors, gluten could also be present throughout our facility.

The utensils we use to prepare and cut our fudge may also include trace amounts of foods that can trigger allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.


No preservatives are added to our base fudge.  Other ingredients added to fudge, such as cookies or candy pieces could have preservatives.

Sugar Free Fudge
Sorry, at this time, we do not offer sugar-free fudge.

Most of our fudge is gluten-free, however, our kitchen equipment and spatulas come into contact with gluten products. Flavors such as Cookies 'N Cream, Espresso Cookies ‘N Cream, Mint Cookies ‘N Cream, Red Velvet, etc. have gluten products in or on top of them.